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How to achieve the destination of online celebrity check-in

Date: 2020-12-18

With the upgrading of the customization of popular destinations, a good travel story is shaped, and there is a chance to create an online celebrity check-in destination. Urban landmarks are certainly typical online celebrity check-in destinations, but cultural consumption destinations that radiate the soft power of the city cannot be underestimated. The marketing plan incorporates more local flavors, and the chance of success will be greatly improved.

To create a destination for online celebrities, it is necessary to give young people the motivation to share and forward. In the vast crowds, young people are now particularly keen to find a way to show their own unique personality. Therefore, young people’s perception of a destination has been transformed from an official city landmark to an artist, designer, and cultural business. The unique experience brought by the brand. Therefore, in a city, the more destinations for cultural consumption, the more possibilities the city has and the more vitality it radiates. This is also the greatest manifestation of the city's soft power.

Now many users will plant grass through private domain traffic or be planted by others at a destination or online celebrity spot when they travel. So how should tourism units integrate grass-planting destinations with marketing plans for effective marketing?

Cai Yun, co-founder of Wuer Travel, said that current customers are all born in the 80s and 90s, and they have three major labels.

► The first is personalization. Faced with many standardized product frameworks and guidance, customers will put forward various personalized needs in many details, and merchants cannot directly sell a product without much trouble.

► The second is to pursue in-depth experience, including a spirit of exploration. Judging from the experience of serving about 100,000 customized game users every year, you can now see a lot of fragmented information on Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, and official account platforms, including online celebrity destination tags. , Music festivals, electronic music festivals, museums, Michelin restaurants, Aurora, etc., these will make tourists want to go deep into the local area, but most of the guests will not know how to start after being attracted. At this time, you need to communicate with the customizer. In order to meet their customized travel and individual needs, more exchanges and interactions with locals are interspersed in the itinerary.

► The third is the need for service. From the traditional group tour to the semi-self-guided tour, to the current free and customized tour. Now guests need some advice from experts, and discuss them like a secretary to know which destinations are worth going to and which destinations are pits. Customers no longer pay for some concepts, and many savvy consumers will compare information from online channels with their own ideas to see if the product really meets their needs. Therefore, customers have higher and higher requirements for the details of products and services.

Li Chunmei, the chief representative of the Swedish Tourism Administration in China, said that European destinations are all sightseeing tours in the Chinese market. In the past few years, the Tourism Administration has tried its best to promote some Swedish lifestyle experience products, and now it is gradually seeing results. Some Internet celebrities check in to destinations. It has become a destination focused on experience. For example, a small island in southern Sweden that has been successfully promoted in recent years is a bit like a paradise. There are only more than 300 residents on the island. At first, there were no Chinese tourists on this island. They were tourists from neighboring Denmark who took their families on picnics on weekends. Later, Chinese tourists had the opportunity to ride bicycles and picnics in the same way as the locals, and this place became popular.

Another example is the Stockholm Metro, which is known as the longest art corridor in the world. There are 100 subway stations, many of which have many art sculptures, art galleries, etc. For tourists, it is very cost-effective to buy a subway ticket to see the scenic spots along the way. There are also rooftop strolling products, allowing visitors to overlook the entire Stockholm Old Town from a high altitude, which is a very shocking experience.