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Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhou is located in Shiquan Street, a well-known entertainment bar street. It is located in the center of the ancient city, adjacent to the bustling commercial district, and has a good location and convenient transportation.

Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhou has a beautiful environment and beautiful scenery. There is a garden in the shop, and there is a shop in the park; the entire park is full of ancient trees, lush, four seasons of flowers and trees, and beautiful flowers. More than 10 kinds of precious plants such as camellia, red maple, azalea, and white magnolia were planted in the hotel, with a total of more than 280 plants, with a green area coverage rate of 53%. The rockery bank and pavilions in the garden constitute a beautiful picture of nature.

The elegantly decorated guest rooms in the hotel are all equipped with broadband internet and "SOS" alarm system. After the guest has checked in, simply press "Push-to-Talk" on the phone and the room center will provide you with a 24-hour guest service. At the same time, the hotel also has ice machines and water purification systems on each floor to provide you with convenient and humanized services.

The hotel has a western restaurant, which provides you with western buffets and business western packages. The flavor hall is unique and offers local specialties. The multifunctional hall is magnificent and suitable for holding various receptions, banquets and receptions. The hotel also has a business center, beauty salons, gyms, supermarkets and other ancillary services to meet your diverse needs.
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  • lvbeinan
    All right
  • alegria
    Which is very nice
  • lbj99111
    Nice old hotel
  • MR is almost
    Such as parks and quiet environment, price was good
  • ben0908
    Restaurant services could be improved
  • cdfvfd
    Hotel very literary flavor, very quiet, because on a late and very late arrival and early departure, no other discovery
  • emton
    Environment, but not for breakfast, less affordable
  • allangg
    Well worth recommending. is sometimes supply tension
  • e02135002
    All right
  • bessiewang
    Hotel location is very good, is easy to go outside, price is high
  • yangling88
    11 friends to Suzhou, found several places no book the right hotel, was thinking in urban traffic jams, but fortunately, no traffic jams, friends have a high opinion of the hotel, nice, beauty like a garden in Suzhou, live in quiet, comfortable!
  • dfwyuvera
    Very good
  • raerae
    A very good environment and convenient transportation, unique!
  • gaowlj
  • nwyf81
    Which is very nice
  • e03610105
    Hotel in a beautiful environment, live in the garden and are very quiet, the traffic is convenient.
    Each lived in Suzhou nanlin, landscaping is very good and quiet, very satisfied with this hotel in the city, mainly due to noodle around, restaurants, bars are more convenient
  • asd19810426
    Enjoyed the Gardens Hotel, reflects the taste of the South.
  • lele20051017
    Hotel is close to Suzhou downtown, over the old!
  • ylyl0808
    Hotel front desk staff was nice, hotel facilities, worthy of the price. is too expensive, too unworthy. South Asia was very impressed.
  • cancan20050828
    Rooms are too old and the external environment of the hotel contrast is too big
  • l135895
    Environment, and recreation.
  • Abby Tong
    Good holiday price is very high!
  • xinxin0000
    Old customers, and go!
  • bboyan
    Well, garden-style hotel, and son very happy!
  • E02466492
    Let us talk about location, take a taxi from the train station, fare about 21 pieces, after Mo, and led astray along can enjoy the scenery. A good mood. Hotel front desk service was very good, take the initiative to upgrade the room type. Hotel's elevator is very characteristic, you going to the floor, just a few. Open the door, the light in the room is very bright, because the curtains are open, leaving a layer of white yarn, so plenty of light, peopleFeel comfortable. There are two pairs of leather slippers at the door, a home feeling. Because the relationship is an upgrade, my room is a bedroom and a living room and two bathrooms, main bathroom particularly special, and very clean. The living room and a sofa, bedroom with Internet access a computer. Finishing stay comfortable and feel at home. Next time you will choose to stay. Drawback is that breakfast is not included and the hotel is in the lively Shiquan Jie Feng Huang Jie,To not worry about food could not be found.
  • e00030016
    Old hotel, trustworthy, highly recommended
  • jonielsen
    Help parents set very central but in a quiet convenient is Phoenix street food gathering
  • bingrwu
    Naozhongqujing good hotel good transportation
  • riansword
    Hotel garden type, location is good, is located in Shiquan Street make in the take static, away from lively of views Qian street not far, bus station walk that to, away from Network Division Park especially near. hotel service also good, handle staying check out speed more fast. Park in the floor big bed room facilities also is good, general clean clean, evening is quiet, not disturb sleep. rooms service good. price is high of hotel.
  • dannitang
    A very good environment, good facilities, recommended prices are slightly more expensive,
  • E02288867
    Nice hotel, convenient.
  • ericson1984
    Room smells too old rooms small it can't afford the prices
  • apple1976BB
    Garden Hotel Suzhou is very very good, next comes to stay, excellent breakfast, best hotels in Suzhou.
  • camel2008
    Old hotel, high cost performance.
  • Fanbaili
    Certain new buildings, State-run services need to be strengthened
  • dbeard
    More convenient transportation, hotel gardens is unique. service attitude is good health, quiet environment. but the smell in the room, hoping often ventilation so that the air flow.
  • cnmarlin
    The old hotel is located in the old city of Suzhou, gardens, dining convenient for transportation, in front of old Suzhou Tak Hing noodle restaurant and on the tongue.
  • oiseau1003
    Each to Suzhou are live South forest, very good of service, hotel in of small garden make in the take static, room of bed also is comfortable. This staying and upgrade to has suite, in living room in and friends drink tea play piano, day not out hotel are is is good of enjoy. Park in the floor room more big, decoration more new, lobby also more quiet. more like here. South forest hotel location superior, traffic convenience, price high.
  • cgy90117
    When you check in for a free upgrade to a suite, a large, bathroom especially. but I have found that among two bath towels a hair, a little spoiler. others are OK, hope health improvement next time to go back.
  • e04628367
    Hotel environmental elegant landscape decoration for a long time a bit old
  • amplifiers
    Friends specified hotel, very satisfying, convenient traffic around the dinner special
  • dj2006_2000
    Business hotel, good surroundings, just old facilities advantages, overall good
  • fodemao
    Environment is particularly comfortable, complete surrounding facilities
  • allen_yang
    Old hotel, fairly comfortable, is the facility slightly old. feel business isn't very good in some places neglect. value can also be
  • Effie
    Beautiful hotel room
  • paceno
    Good hotel, staff friendly, facilities should be improved
  • JIANGMIN_2008
    Easy parking, old brands, trusted
  • e00812446
    Is a Garden Hotel, but is not worse than the nanyuan opposite piece. Across the room, still live across it. It is so-so, so-so.
  • jijiwawa
    Good hotel very comfortable environment is also a good lukewarm