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Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhou, 有名な娯楽バーの通りにあります。十全街は古城の中心にあります。繁華街に隣接しています。位置が優れていて、交通が便利です。
  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhouのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhouにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhou の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel SuzhouにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhouは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhouはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhou朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY78/人。

  • Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhouの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • brandnew2011
    The environment is very good and the cost performance is very high. It is located in the old urban area, not far from the webmaster park. I'll come again next time
  • bylixiang
    It's an old hotel, but the location is good, and there's some garden flavor inside.
  • bill63027675
    The environment is very good, the taste of Jiangnan
  • wjt281250
    Good environment
  • lime26
    The location is convenient, the surrounding snacks are also convenient, and the hotel itself is quiet and elegant, very clean, will continue to stay next time
  • aster123
    The location is very good
  • limanliang1
    The environment is good. Is the famous Shizi street or Shiquan Street in Suzhou (it will be confused every time), and all kinds of delicious food are not far away
  • rogerxu1982
    Although the room was small, it was clean and comfortable. It was just that there was a little episode during breakfast. The four of us didn't know how to sign six breakfasts, but they all solved it. It was generally good
  • guanmin412
    Friendly service, good attitude
  • George.Young
    It's a little old. It's good on the whole
  • asdf32
    Overseas Chinese like to live in Chinese style when they return home. Take children to see Suzhou gardens
  • alwaysfly
    Help Daiding, the garden feels very. So another day was set. The furniture is a little old.
  • jdwxl
    very good
  • fenyu99
    The hotel environment is good and the travel is very convenient, but the room is very small.
  • Cat AA
    not bad
  • e03151243
    The second time, since the second time also willing to come, do not explain! Good!
  • alisonyoyo1983
    Good. It's cheaper than the opposite south garden. The room is big and convenient to eat around. It's worth recommending
  • ironice
    The scenery in the hotel is good and antique. It's just that the facilities are a little old.
  • csy577256
    Stay in Nanlin Hotel and enjoy it perfectly! The transportation is very convenient. It is very close to Guanqian Street, the webmaster garden, the museum, the Humble Administrator's garden and the lion forest, and there is a direct bus to Jinji Lake! The large courtyard of the hotel, in the center of the city, is too luxurious! Stroll in the yard, watching the birds rise and fall, the green leaves sway gently in the wind, and the yellow, orange and orange loquats are ripe. The standing Taihu stone should be the finishing touch of the yard, which looks very simple and aural. The room is clean, decorated in Chinese style, with Suzhou charm and cultural taste. The waiter smiled and was very friendly. The hotel is very cost-effective and will stay next time.
  • JimmyMen
    Old hotel, so I can't ask for so much. Overall, I'm very satisfied.
  • narcissu
    The environment is beautiful, the surrounding area is prosperous and quiet. I'm very satisfied.
  • glitter76
    Not bad
  • mebius
    Convenient transportation, located in the city center, old hotel equipment. It's early, ordinary, ordinary.
  • leonyi555
    It's a very good hotel. Hey, hey ~ ~ recommended
  • e00681722
    The location of the hotel is superior. It's Shiquan Street when you go out. It's very convenient for scenic spots, catering and shopping. The garden layout is elegant and quiet. I'll check in next time.
  • leeys
    There are garden landscapes, convenient location and surrounding delicious food
  • a1365
    I ordered it for the leader. After the leader came back, he said that the foundation is very good, the location is excellent, and it's a good old shop. Although it is national day, but the guests are not very many, it is worth staying.
  • guoone
    Garden Hotel, good environment, average facilities and service
  • dandan9587
    Although the facilities of the old hotel are old, the environment is clean and the service attitude is meticulous. The hotel is located in the garden in the downtown, with strong Chinese style
  • Gitty
    The location and environment of the hotel were very good, and the service was very friendly. Breakfast was good.
  • U.S. $ SUN Xiao
    The facilities are old
  • luping0906
    The old hotel, the service was pretty good. The facilities are a little old
  • aaayli
    I always live here when I go to Suzhou. It's nice and affectionate.
  • raerae
    Good environment, convenient transportation and unique!!!
  • anne_xu77
    Shanshui building is a little worse than the building in the garden. The 1.5m king bed is a little small with children. The sound insulation in the room is very poor. You can clearly hear the speech in the next room. There is no breakfast in the room at this price. I feel that the cost performance of the Hotel is low. The hotel is located in a good location and close to several important scenic spots in Suzhou. If the price is reduced, it is still worth recommending.
  • Solitary sail voyage
    The location of the hotel is very good: most of the main scenic spots in Suzhou are very close. You can walk directly on Pingjiang road. Guanqian Street and Humble Administrator's garden are about 5km. The hotel is very cost-effective, Garden Hotel, patient and friendly service. Shopping is also very convenient. There are famous foods at the door, such as tongdexing, old Suzhou tea restaurant and so on. Lotus brand, American Standard, Jintan silk, etc. shopping is very good. Jingsi Shuxuan is also nearby.
  • avocy
    The hotel has a beautiful and elegant environment, and the rooms are new and clean
  • wo8386
    It's a nice hotel. I stayed in it for the second time; Very convenient, and the environment is good; It's really great.
  • jiejie0926
    The service is very comfortable. When you make a reservation, you'll tell the hotel what's wrong with it. Only when you get permission can you place an order. The environment of the hotel is also very good. It's very pleasant to walk in the garden! I will choose it next time!
  • e02305093
    Garden Hotel is really good, except the bed is a little hard, other very satisfied
  • dream1998
    The hotel is very beautiful and the waiter's attitude is very good. It is very suitable for a hotel with good scenery and high cost performance
  • liam1989
    Nanlin hotel is very good ~
  • ss ss Things Past
    Nice check-in
  • jlwangxs
    The hotel is located in the downtown area, but there is no noise, enjoying the beauty of quiet gardens and pavilions
  • Frude
    The hotel is 15 minutes' walk away from Guanqian Street, and the surrounding area is also very busy, which is more suitable for tourism. I like the garden style in the hotel. I'm in a good mood to go out at night!
  • AndyDavis
  • E05660958
    Okay, okay............
  • e04938784
    The location is very good, the environment is also good, and the buffet in the morning is very rich!
  • andrawsun
    Convenient transportation, new rooms, cost-effective
  • jacoyang
  • lianying26
    Hotels in the old urban area are a good choice if you like gardens. They are antique
  • e00121453
    The hotel is good. It's a unique garden hotel in Suzhou. I feel very comfortable. I will stay in it if I have the chance.
  • d02191247
    Quiet, a lot of delicious food around, convenient!
  • G-STAR
    It's a very good old four-star hotel. It's very convenient for shopping, traveling and eating. The hotel has Suzhou garden style. It's very quiet. The service and sanitary conditions are very good. It's very close to Shiquan Street and Xiangwang lane. It's strongly recommended to be a jade hotel!
  • anyliu520
    A nice hotel.
  • nancy
    The room is OK. The decoration on the first and second floors of the garden building is a little noisy, and the air conditioning is very bad! The room is cold
  • candyraine2599
    Garden style three-star hotel, very quiet and comfortable
  • g010w020
    Garden Hotel, very good. I'm here for the second time... I'll come again next time
  • liuxiulan
    The environment is not bad, the others are average. The transportation is convenient, and the service needs to be further strengthened
  • ypwei010
    A very good hotel! The environment is very good
  • inffo
    that's OK. Come often.
  • sausagews
    Fairly good, quite convenient, quite satisfied
  • jxsryjy
    Good environment, recommended to stay in Suzhou! It tastes like Suzhou
  • e04267217
    11 price doubled, the cost performance is low, the service is very good, but the landscape building is too old, the carpet is dirty, quickly redecorate it!
  • e02390517
  • andar
    To upgrade the non-smoking room to a suite, the decoration is good, the shower equipment is good, the bath is wonderful, the surrounding environment is very quiet, the park in the hotel can also enjoy some
  • Joyfmcxj
    Very cost-effective
  • A Abu
    Good location, downtown. The room is quiet. There aren't many guests now, so you can give a discount.
  • jasmine8709217
    Garden hotel environment is very good, quiet in noisy, good geographical location, convenient travel, advanced facilities in the room, reasonable design is a good choice
  • E02466492
    Let's talk about the geographical location first. A taxi starts from the railway station. The fare is about 21 yuan. You can enjoy the scenery of lakes and mountains along moxie road. I'm in a good mood. When I got to the hotel, the front desk service attitude was very good, and I took the initiative to upgrade the room type. The elevator in the hotel is very special. You can press the number of floors you want to go. Open the door of the room, the light in the room is very bright, because the curtain is open, leaving only a layer of white yarn, so the light is sufficient, making people feel very comfortable. There are two pairs of leather slippers in the door, which makes it feel at home. Because of the upgrade, my room is one room, one hall and two bathrooms. The main bathroom is very big and clean. There is also a sofa in the living room and an Internet computer in the bedroom. So it's very comfortable to settle in and feel at home. I will choose to stay next time. The disadvantage is that breakfast is not included, but the hotel is in the busy Shiquan Street, Fenghuang street, so I don't worry about not finding food.
  • mmgg3355
    The garden hotel has a very good environment, convenient meals, friendly service, very good!
  • jessieyang
    The environment is first-class, worthy of being a state-owned old brand. The room is a little small and exquisite, and the location is very good. The most wonderful thing is that the hotel has a super large garden. It's really amazing in the ancient city of land and money! This is a typical garden hotel in Suzhou. The restaurants nearby are very good
  • lxyno0
    The environment is good and cost-effective. It's prepaid online. There's no food or drink in the room
  • soul_T
    The price is up!
  • andylimai
  • aaa31979
    The location is quite good, the garden is quite good, and the parking is very convenient, but the room is small and does not include breakfast.
  • cocoyang
    I'm very happy to stay in the park floor. I'm relieved. Ha ha, ha ha, the Internet speed is also very good. If you bring a notebook, you can join the hero League, all five-star ~