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蘇州金陵南林ホテル (Jinling Nanlin Hotel Suzhou), ホテルは有名な娯楽バーの通りにあります。十全街は古城の中心にあります。繁華街に隣接しています。位置が優れていて、交通が便利です。
クチコミ 詳細
  • lollyfang
    Sound insulation needs to be improved
  • farrar
    Garden-style environment is very good, in a quiet, traffic is very convenient, warm and thoughtful service, room was very clean, layout is also very user-friendly, helpful, recommend garden-style environment is very good, in a quiet, traffic is very convenient, warm and thoughtful service, room was very clean and layout is also very user-friendly, helpful, recommend
  • montela
    Location and hygienic conditions are very good, but due to the hotel for a long time, some slightly obsolete facilities.
  • leobluelion
    The hotel is very clean, quaint, there is Suzhou garden charm
  • fellow2010
    Hotel room was very clean, nice surroundings, was dining a bit earlier.
  • wosuxuanxuan
    First times to Suzhou because colleagues recommended of on select has this hotel, garden type of hotel, room inside also has Tang do background, furniture also has antique of style, and Suzhou this city fusion of compared close. because like Shang has Suzhou, may also on like has this hotel. is not containing breakfast, price compared your has some, and seven o'clock yihou only began, no before tasting. General Shang is a can strongly recommended of business hotel.
  • e02152708
    Stayed many times, the same price, I did not find better than this, the only option for each trip to Suzhou!
  • e03111423
    High performance-price ratio, good location
  • lancelan
    Nice dinner around
  • jydl816
    Hotel very good, environment, facilities were good.
  • e00045711
    In the city, convenient, good facilities
  • Lydia C.
    Very good hotel!
  • love010
    Much worse than before
  • e04605913
    Feel good, to sue preferred.
  • allnewpitt
    Very good, worth staying. is located in the old city area, went out to the right is the old Suzhou restaurant road in front of the quiet, comfortable, architecture typical of Suzhou garden style of the hotel, the service is good, cost-effective, then stay here. to the master of the nets garden walk can go to
  • emton
    Environment, but not for breakfast, less affordable
  • payne316
    Hotel is really really good prices and the environment, basic prices of Samsung's 5 stars.
  • yj5286
    Environment is quite good.
  • angellita
    Nice hotel, nice, convenient, for business or to live
  • limsy
    Hotel is located in the city center, clean, convenient, quiet, rooms are clean, friendly, breakfast very good. next business trip will choose to stay.
  • clcoldsnow
    Great hotel, will go to Suzhou, next to the hotel there is a quiet Academy is quiet, the room also has a computer more convenient, moderate hardness of mattress is suitable for me, but hotel is a bit old, pillow is a little high, hoping to improve the
  • mixix21
    Hotel location is very good, Shiquan Street, eating shopping convenient and not as noisy as Guan Qian Street. the hotel is stylish, the door is a landscaped garden in the South, but picking up the car, hotel early, I was not thinking of parking spaces. Hotel de XING noodle shops, turning out his left hand for three minutes with the delicious, bite of China on 2, but the price is not cheap, and a pan of fried kidney pitifully small amount of toppings, kidney, only two,22. Hotel out right hand is old Suzhou hotel, taste good, price also affordable, we a three mouth points has five or six a dish, volume is big of, only more than 200 more Yuan, to, bit. staying of Hotel Park in the floor is said to have is new decoration soon of, but room furniture equipment has is old has, wash Taiwan at lights too dark has, maintenance maintenance aspects has lacks. front desk service good, staying checkout are soon, attitude or. but other seems to on nothingService, no restaurant for breakfast, no swimming pool. Hotel building sits idle, as the original is the clubhouse, which should be taken into account, open a restaurant or something, because hotel catering package is a bit to keep up.
  • rbd1972
    Always good service, original room location is not satisfied with help right away for a free upgrade suite.
  • a129926
    On business staying at this hotel, located in the city centre, the transportation is convenient, the room was nice with, suitable for business trip, and the next time you stay
  • alexeve66
    Hotel location is really nice and convenient, the service is also very good, that is, where there is no singing
  • ailvyou5022
    A very good environment, cost-effective, and highly recommended.
  • ardor007
    In a quiet, there is Suzhou features, awesome
  • ggnew09
    Great environment
  • liupes
    Very quiet hotel, Garden feel, from the master of the nets garden close, Nice. service was nothing special.
  • ocesto
    Hotel is good, the environment is also good
  • BobSun
    Room was large, was induced to turn off suddenly to be automatically opened, a person sometimes jump
  • aaaa11
    Also, conveniently, the facility is old, the service can also
  • byj1565
    Hotel in good location, 5 minutes walk to the master of the nets garden. closer from the canglang Pavilion, are famous, listed as a world intangible cultural heritage garden. hotel is located in Shiquan Street, a very good environment. large, high grade, the breakfast is also very good.
  • e01004325
    Hotel in the relatively prosperous Shiquan Street, near the check out at night ... There is a small garden and a very good environment, very clean
  • lpower
    In addition to air conditioning, outside the soundproof, good ~ ~
  • far336699
    Very convenient, hotel was very good, is the renovation of the old building and some broken ceiling of the room are off, and poor sound effects are better
  • lxp871102
    All right
  • SUN Jie
    Good location, very close to the city, from the garden is also very near, very good.
  • Deeplyblueocean
    Second, back on days so cold and feeling, this time the room air conditioner does not heat, freezing people
  • cao_wing
    Live n times, and is cost-effective. recommended.
  • dannitang
    A very good environment, good facilities, recommended prices are slightly more expensive,
  • lyr2501
    Second stay at an elegant environment, Suzhou found this!
  • jjinllong
    Every time I travel to Suzhou, are living here, needless to say OK.
  • jyj8888
    Well established hotel service normal again
  • cuiyulian
    This hotel environment quite good, in downtown, make in the take static, hotel staff is enthusiasm! door next is old Suzhou hotel and with dexing Maple Town big surface. Park in the floor room is good, health slightly poor, bed Board Shang product with thick thick of a layer gray, yesterday night before and after playing died 5 only mosquito, toss to after midnight only sleep, central air conditioning also didn't open, hot very.
  • isabella_t
    Hotel was beautiful, pingjiang, guanqian Jie are very close, and next time I want to go to, is the breakfast a bit expensive!
  • e00897380
    Hotel in a beautiful environment, good service, room was very clean and warm, will stay again!
  • a287414000
    Located in the city centre, close to the master of the nets garden, nice
  • dongrenjeff
    Hotel is very good, it is often
  • andysi
    Nice, close to the street, very convenient