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Sichuan confirmed pilot participated in wedding banquet for 300 people, Jiangyou Baden Hotel overnight nucleic acid test

Date: 2020-12-15

The body staff and the resident passengers conducted a nucleic acid test overnight, and customers who have been to the hotel recently are advised to perform a nucleic acid test.

On the 12th and 15th, Chengdu confirmed pilots went to Jiangyou to participate in wedding reception# and other topics successively posted hot searches on Weibo.

At noon today, the reporter came to the gate of the Jiangyou Shunhui Bojing Baden Hotel where the confirmed case overseas (identified as a pilot) attended the wedding banquet and saw the traffic police implement traffic control at the intersection. According to the traffic police, traffic control began at around 22:00 on the 14th.

According to the hotel staff, the hotel received notification from relevant departments on the evening of the 14th that the hotel was temporarily closed. All the staff and passengers had a nucleic acid test overnight. Customers who have recently been to the hotel are advised to perform a nucleic acid test.